One of the most dreaded parts of it is crunching numbers and keeping up with the finances is no fun at all. That’s why CMCPA Services came to be - to free you from the tedious part of day-by-day transactions and let you focus on growing your business. You’ve got our back office support on that!


Humble Beginnings to Global Impact

Our Humble Beginnings

For years, CMCPA Services has been providing quality, personalized accounting and bookkeeping services to small and mid-sized businesses across the US and around the world. What started as just one accountant who does it all has grown to a group of talented individuals working together as a team to create better solutions to business owners.

Cloud-based Accounting

We are cloud-based accounting firm with office located in the beautiful Davao City, Philippines. With the help of technology and internet, our services knows no boundaries. We are proud 100% staffed by Filipinos known to be hospitable, honest and hardworking. Also the Philippines is recognized globally as one of the largest English-speaking nations. We pride our team to have some degree of fluency of the English language that nothing will get lost in translation in our communications and how we do the work.

Competent and Reliable

With our teams combined education, expertise and experience we are able to provide value services that gives positive impact on decision makers globally. Here at CMCPA Services, consider the work done!


Maximize Profit, Minimize Cost

More Savings

With the same high quality of service, our fees are way affordable if you outsource it to us.

Committed to Deliver

We have streamlined our process to deliver accurate and timely reports.

Attentive to Detail

We will get to know your business, every detail of it and make sure nothing is left out.

Align With Taxes

We will work on your books with taxes in mind. Making sure you’ll get the most benefit legally.

Up to Date Accounting Practices

The modern times are changing fast, it is our duty to keep up by continued learning and practice what is right.

Initial Setup and Financial Reports Reviewed by a CPA

Our experienced accountant will oversee the work from initial to the end of the process.

Available 24/7

Our communication line is open for support, review call or for any issues you encounter.

You Have a Team With Us

We assign a dedicated and a backup bookkeeper to every account plus an accountant who supervise and review the work, therefore, it’s always business as usual in your end!


No Hassle, Cost-Effective Accounting Made Just Right

Our ultimate goal is to help ease your burden on keeping track with business finances and be a partner for growth. Here are the things we can help you with.


No accounting system or converting to clouds, no problem! We will set it up for you. Setting the groundwork by having an accounting system in place that suits your business needs with less trouble. We will help in developing the system, guide you in good practices and habits to healthy financials. Or if everything is in place, we can do the real work right away!


Day to day transactions can be overwhelming and keeping up requires a lot of dedication. This is where our team of dedicated bookkeepers excels. You can count on us, from data entry of income and expenses (automated or not), reconciliation of accounts and preparation of financial reports. We have streamlined our bookkeeping process for better results. You will always have up-to-date and accurate accounting records to make better business decisions.

Other Financial Services

Accounting is very broad, if you don’t need a full service accounting and bookkeeping services and only need assistance in various parts, we can still do it. Here are a few of the many we offer:

Reconciliations of Accounts

Catch Up of Books


Compilation Services

Review of Financials

Add-on Services

In addition to financial services, we also offer:

Coaching on Managing Your Own Books

Web Design

Other Back-office Support


Save More, Quality Results at Affordable Rates

Each company is different, one size fits all pricing may not be suitable for everyone. So, we designed ours to fit your needs. Fee starts at only $200 on average for monthly accounting and bookkeeping services. Price varies based on the number of bank and credit card accounts you have and NOT on the number of transactions of your financial accounts.

We promise, there will be no surprises on your bill! No lock-in period and long-term contracts. We are all for valuable relationship based on trust and confidence. If for any reason you feel you have not received the level of service expected or have an issue to raise, please let us know.

Why we are affordable?

One of the main reasons, compared to our counterparts on the other side of the world or hiring an in-house bookkeeper, we are 50% affordable with the same highest standard of services because our cost of living is less. You are getting the most value for your money!

Take accounting and bookkeeping off your hand!

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Together We Achieve Greater Results

We believe in building and nurturing a mutually beneficial relationships. Some clients have trusted us for more than five years and beyond. Here are few of the clients we serve and what they have to say.

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"Melchie has been helping me get my books in order with a never ending patience, she does what needs to be done but also takes time to explain and makes sure she understands what the business is about!"

Sylvain Bailly
Founder, Easy Life Creations LLC
Country: France

"After some bad luck with bookkeepers, I feel extremely lucky to have found Melchie. Keeps my books up to date. Creates all the perfect categories for your expenses and then hands you a spreadsheet at the end of the year that I just plug into TurboTax. It's AMAZING!"

Naomi Mercer-McKell
AirBnB and Voice Over Talent
Country: USA


We'd love to hear from you and help you reach your goals!

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