Be Our Partner Firm

Attention Tax Preparers, Advisors and EA’s:

Are you tired of doing the books for your tax clients? Then we could be the solution, we can help! Outsource accounting and bookkeeping to us. We will handle the books for you so that you can do the things that matters to you most. Having us as your partner will free your firm of the time doing the hard work and many more. Our partner firms are enjoying the benefits, be one of them!

Talk to you soon,
CMCPA Services

Our Client Onboarding Process

We made it easier for you! Our client onboarding process is simple and straightforward because we don’t want to waste our time and your time, either. Now, let’s dive in.

  1. You tell us what is your problem. You may contact us here.
  2. We give you the solutions you need and how we can help you.
  3. Sign the engagement letter. This is where the scope of work, limitation and fees are covered.
  4. Pay your first invoice.
  5. Our job starts!

Easy-peasy, right? We will be glad to have you on board!

Partner With US

Hey, tax accounting firms and Enrolled Agents (EA’s)!

Year-end is fast approaching and bookkeeping for your clients is overwhelming, why not partner with us?

We can do the bookkeeping for you or your firm so that you can focus on preparing your client’s taxes, fast.

Contact us, anytime!

Why we are your best bet?

We don’t do tax services for clients. You will be sure we are not your competition.

We know accounting and bookkeeping so well through education and experiences.

We guarantee dedication and professionalism, just like how you do to your clients.

We deliver results. We have systems and processes in place to efficiently do the work.

We believe in long-term relationship that lasts. Together, we can achieve better.

Let’s go, win together!